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hardy perennial orchids will grow in your garden

When you hear "orchid", do you automatically think of the tropical species that require a greenhouse or indoor growing?

Did you know there is a whole class of orchids known as "hardy terrestrial orchids that are just as exotic as tropical orchids and will grow easily in your garden?"

Wild orchids survive sub-zero temperatures

You can grow exotic terrestrial orchids that actually survive and thrive in frigid climates as far North as Alaska. Some require temperatures at or below freezing for several months each year to maintain proper growth, much like tulips or daffodils.

Many gardeners are surprised to learn that these exotic plants can not only survive, but also thrive… even in northern climates.


No matter where you live, a beautiful collection of hardy orchids could be the next amazing addition to your own outdoor perennial garden!

This is not to say that terrestrial orchids can be planted anywhere and expected to grow. To be successful, it is absolutely necessary to plan and prepare a site to meet the specific requirements for these native orchid species to flourish.

Learn wild orchid gardening

You want a simple way to add exotic flowers to your perennial garden and we have the solution. The Wild Orchid Company is raising awareness of wild orchids that WILL grow in your perennial garden and we will show you exactly how to grow these terrestrial orchids - successfully.

In addition to the ethical production and sales of hardy terrestrial orchids for the perennial garden, Dr Mathis and the Wild Orchid Company are dedicated to educating the public about these exotic perennials. Dr Mathis' book "The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hardy Perennial Orchids" shows you how to successfully grow and enjoy these exotic wildflowers.

The only book dedicated to growing wild orchids

You will get information not available in the average gardening book. The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hardy Perennial Orchids gives you artfully arranged full-color photography, "how to" tips to help you and is full of facts that dispel the myth that wild orchids can only be grown in tropical conditions.

Hardy terrestrial orchids are beautiful, exotic, and easily maintained and a great addition to your garden. Follow the guidelines we set out for you, avoid the frustration of ongoing "trial and error", and carefully prepare your soil before planting.

You will receive detailed instructions for each species to help insure you have a successful and rewarding gardening experience.

Using wild orchids in the garden

You can use perennial orchids in a variety of ways, ranging from integral parts of a woodland garden, to simple yet showy standouts in a backyard, pond or bog garden.

The extensive variety of colors and distinctive appearances of hardy orchids provides a plethora of choices for you. Choose all white collection of Egret Flowers, white Chinese hardy orchids, Ladies tresses or even white Showy Lady's Slippers to create an elegant white flower farm, or plant a few of every color to cultivate a rainbow flower farm.

Whether referred to as wild orchids, hardy orchids, terrestrial orchids or exotic perennials, these wildflowers are plant delights for any perennial enthusiast.

The information you get from The Gardeners Guide to Growing Hardy Perennial Orchids will help you create an exceptional and exotic addition to your perennial garden.


These remarkable and rare wildflowers are sure to incite the curiosity and interest of your friends and neighbors. Think how impressed they will be when you say, "Oh, of course I grow orchids in my garden. It's easy!" And imagine how much fun you'll have in the process. - After all, that's what gardening is truly all about.

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